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Successful Tropical Island Retail Business for Sale


Are you looking to live on an awesome tropical island?

Are you seeking a chilled lifestyle?

Are you yearning for the freedom to run your own business in a relaxed environment?

Do you like interacting with people from all over the world?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you will be delighted to learn that we have what you want.

A hugely successful tropical island retail business located in a prime location on Rarotonga, the main island of the Cook Islands.

YES ... this great island business is up for grabs!

It's a Bargain!

Discounted -33%

against its commercial market valuation.


This business has grown steady the past few years.

In the last two years,

sales have increased by 18%,

and profits by 70%.


Best Location

95 sqft of prime located retail space in the bustling CBD of Rarotonga, the main island of the Cook Islands.


The CBD in Rarotonga is the most visited attraction by visitors and locals alike. Visitor numbers have increased to 168,000 from 125,000 in 2015.


And the trend is set to continue!

Low Competition

This business provides the Cook Islands, consumers and resorts, with its diving, snorkelling and spearfishing gear. The shop caters to visitors and locals clothing, footwear, accessories needs with popular branded surfwearSurf gear including bodyboards and surfboards and accessories are stocked.

All categories enjoy low or no competition.

Successful tropical island business for sales
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We made the moved to Paradise in 2016 from Germany.

Back then we exited the corporate world to follow our dream of living on a paradise island in the South Pacific. We fell in love with the Cook Islands and bought the Dive and Surf Shop in 2016, which was originally established 37 years ago.

Now we're following our Ultimate dream ... a lifestyle of island exploration.

The Dive and Surf Shop has served us well, and so too the community of the Cook Islands. We have made many local and international friends and are a little sad to have to let go of the shop. But we are excited to step onto our new path of discovery and exploration of the many remote islands of the Southern Pacific.

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The Dive and Surf Shop is a retail outlet in a prime location in the center of Avarua, the CBD of Rarotonga, the main Island of the Cook Islands. 

The Dive and Surf Shop was first founded 37 years ago and operated under the name "Dive Shop". The store and its offering is well known throughout the Cook Islands. Not only is it renowned for its wide range of dive gear serving both locals, tourists, hotels and tour operators, but it is also the go to place for latest branded beachwear and accessories. 

When we took over the shop in November 2016, we focused on re-branding. We increased store visibility, upgraded the brand positioning and renovated the store and its layout to bring about a more modern and inviting ambiance.

New brands (e.g. Volcom, Plug, Leatherman) were introduced, stock ranges deepened (e.g. surf gear, camera's, Torches and others), stock items reduced with increased stock present on the shelves in store.

The result has been an increase in visitor traffic and ultimately a significant increase in the bottom line. Supplier and freight management, and on the shelf increases of strategic products, gross profit leaped forward. Through cost management and owner run operation, expenses were decreased materially.

The current lease runs until 2029. The shop lease includes 5 shops currently combined to create two  shops.




An established branded outlet.


Successful business with huge growth potential.


Excellent commercial location.


Renewable lease currently running until 2029.


Shop chattels including new lighting, new stands, display boards, new security cameras, alarm system, flatscreen TV, new aircons and much more.


Three 20ft parked containers (upgraded) used as warehouse


POS system and software


Signage, display and marketing material


Active website and email addresses



Dive and Surf Shop, Rarotonga


Many people dream of living on a tropical island, away from it all. But not many take the plunge.

Having unplugged from city living and senior corporate jobs my partner Eltje and I moved lock, stock and barrel to take over a dive and surf shop in the Cook Islands in November 2016. 

It started with us seeking a better quality of life, a slower pace, an escape from the ‘me’ world. Our ultimate dream was and remains to travel the South Pacific and explore all its hidden islands and underwater world. 

You may ask “Did we find what we were seeking?” The answer requires a bit of explaining. Following months of research and exploratory visits to several South Pacific island states we chose to settle in the Cook Islands.

On paper it seemed the most economically and politically stable and the least likely to be affected by natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and volcano eruptions, both real threats in the South Pacific. The only hazard that remains are cyclones.

What first attracted us to the Cook Islands were its friendly people, its beauty and its typical easy going island pace.

One of the surer ways of entering the Island is to purchase an existing business.

Buying land is out of the question. Once a resident, which may happen after 10 years being in the Cook islands, one could lease a land or property for a period of up to 60 years. But that is it. Ownership of of the land or property its never transferred.


We found ourselves a small retail shop in the central business district of the main island of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga. Since acquiring the shop we made several layout, fitting, decor, branding, marketing and content changes. We certainly have been keeping ourselves busy.

It was not easy, but after an extensive search we discovered a home tucked away between lush vegetation and tall palms. It has a large porch that wraps around two sides of the house. It houses a dining table, bar, a couple of coaches and chairs. It is our breakfast nook, our chill area and dining corner 365 days a year. It is quiet with a view of both pacific sunrises and sunsets. Truly idyllic.


The islands of the Cook islands are safe, clean with pristine white sand beaches. When visiting the beaches it often feels as if they are our own private spots. We have yet to find a crowded beach. The ocean waters are crystal clear ranging from light blue, to turquoise, through to dark blue. I have no doubt this is where blue was invented.

The oceans too are clear. Most of the outer islands of the Cooks have beautiful turquoise lagoon atolls, Aitutaki being very popular and close proximity to Rarotonga.

Rarotonga itself is surrounded by a reef and the lagoon has plenty of coral. Diving and snorkelling is popular, especially during whale season, May to August. The lagoon and reef has rich sea life even though the coral is impacted by global warming.

Although some die hards still do it, Rarotonga is less suited to stand up surfing and windsurfing. Bodyboarding and kitesurfing are the preferences.


Having coming from first world countries, last stop Germany, where everything was available at the snap of ones fingers, we had to, and still have much to adapt to.

We have spent many years in Africa and thought I had a good grasp of what was meant by ‘Island Time’. Boy, was I in for a surprise. When someone says they will be there at a specific time, it could mean anything from immediately to a few months later. All perfectly acceptable according to island living. Do not get me wrong, weighed against the benefits gained by living a slower pace, this is “cool”.


With the tropical climate comes exotic fruits that are available at a song. Vegetation is lush with tropical fruits and vegetables in abundance. Mangos, passion fruit, coconuts, paw-paws, starfruit, pineapple, bananas, avocados and many more are available in abundance. However, they too are seasonal and not always available.

Approximately NZ$ 20.00 per kg of the freshest yellow fin tuna. And that is expensive compared to the prices of Wahoo, Moon Fish, Albacore, Marlin and Parrot Fish.

A popular dish on most menus and at food stalls at events is ‘Ika Mata’. It is made of lemon cured Tuna in coconut milk and served cold. ‘Taro’, a root of which the leaves are eaten as well, is a sort fo staple diet. Earth oven cooking, known as ‘Umu’ is often used to prepare food for celebrations and nowadays for touristic events. 

One can with certainly declare that the most popular drink on the island, for locals and visitors alike, is a ‘Nu’ which is a mature yet green coconut with top sliced of revealling the refreshing sweet coconut water within.


As can be expected on a tropical island, year round temperatures ranging from comfortable to high with high humidity takes some getting used to. Now into our second winter, when early morning temperatures drop to around 20C we freeze and need to wear pullovers and socks.


Our main motivation for making the move was to find a lifestyle that was less demanding and with which we could explore our interests of travel, photography and writing.

So “Have we found the lifestyle we were after?” It is early days and we have experienced glimpses of that lifestyle. We on the right path to fulfil our dream.

"Do we recommend island life coming from Europe?" Without a doubt!

Next Steps...

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We look forward to receiving your call and sharing our experiences with you.

We happy to answer any questions you may have about the business, about living in Raro, about the move to paradise.