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Dive Shop Since 1993

Ken Hallin created the fish logo back in 1983 and incorporated into the Dive Shop logo that has been in existence since 1993. Ken is a renowned business man, diver and spear fisherman in The Cook islands. His business and life partner, Nida Mirabel, has played an active role in developing the retail side of the business.

Dive & Surf Shop Since 2016

The new logo retains the history of the Dive Shop by incorporating its well known logo. Besides its brand equity, we value the heritage of the Dive Shop and its logo.

Eltje and I love the sea and playing above (e.g. surfing, canoeing etc.) and under (diving, snorkeling, underwater photography etc.) the water.
We thought the wave was a fitting symbol.
The different blues capture the colours of the Cook Islands waters and the red Dive Shop fish logo is positioned centrally, it stands out and attracts attention to whole logo.
chill out

Our Approach

We about chilling ... but we mostly about providing you with the best service so that you can Chill in paradise 🙂

We simply offer you what we would expect when we go shopping. No frill yet quality solutions that do not break the bank.

We at the Dive and Surf Shop team love what we sell. We use our own products when we go diving and surfing, or simply wanna wear some cool surf wear.

We ensure we stock only the best and appropriate to what you want. To steal a line form the airlines "in the unlikely even ..." that we do not have what you want, we certainly will source it for you.

We aim to keep prices low. In fact some of our product products are brought to you at a lower cost that in NZ or Aus.

Meet the Team

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Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.