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Surfing Rarotonga

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Snorkeling Rarotonga

A beautiful lagoon surrounds the island of Rarotonga, which is perfect for most kinds of water sports, especially snorkeling. Snorkeling is Rarotonga' s greatest, easiest adventure and an activity everybody can enjoy. If you' ve only fantasized about peeking beneath the sea, there is no safer and more exciting place to learn snorkeling than in the waters of Rarotonga' s warm and clear lagoon.

Thanks to Rarotonga's Marine Park laws our protected coral reefs and abundant marine life remain our greatest natural attraction. Grab a mask, fins and snorkel, and discover unlimited fun and unforgettable adventures!

There are several of these Marine Parks located around the island, all of course open for an exciting snorkeling adventure.

They offer different opportunities to explore the underwater world. This means, snorkeling in Rarotonga guarantees you an opportunity for a close encounter with all kinds of marine life. The surrounding reef protects you from all the big sea monsters; this ensures you a safe snorkeling adventure into the aquatic realms of the beautiful lagoon.

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(Takoka islet is the islet on your far right when standing on Muri beach facing the lagoon.) Snorkeling is done between the islet and the reef. Muri beach is known as one of the best beaches of Rarotonga. It is a centre for all kinds of water sports. See surgeonfish, angelfish, Moorish idols and many more.

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    Muri Beach



Exceptional snorkeling and swimming. This is one of the permanent Marine Parks of Rarotonga. Fins should be worn to cover the vast area. You will see schools of rainbow fish, large parrotfish, angelfish, trevally and many, many more. This is an absolute must snorkeling experience.

  • Address
    Tikioki, Rarotonga



Because of our trade winds, usually the calmest place to snorkel. This site offers spectacular black volcanic rocks mixed with perfectly white beaches. Fresh water and barbeque area all found at the 'Social Center'. This is a great place for the kids.

  • Address
    Blackrock, Rarotonga

Snorkeling Areas to Avoid

Steer clear of areas with potentially strong currents. These are usually around the passages where there is a gap in the reef.

Take care when near ...

  • Rutaki Passage
  • Papua Passage
  • Avaavaroa Pasage
  • Avana Passage